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I've been tagged by AJAngelique


0. Post these rules.
1. Each tagged person should post eight facts about themselves.
2. Tagged people should write a journal/blog about these facts.
3. In the end, tag and name eight people.
4. Tell them that they are tagged!

◊ I eat lettuce and tomatoes, but I don't eat them together in a salad.

◊ When at home, I like being in my pajamas.

◊ I once had a job for TWO days. I quitted d:

◊ When I wash my hair, I use shampoo twice. ALWAYS.

◊ I used to sell star/heart-shaped cushions and hello kitty-shaped bags in designer shops when I was 17.

◊ I hate going to the hairdresser's, so I cut my own hair or I go once every 9 months.

◊ I hate summer, but I love ice cream and I eat it even in winter :heart:

◊ I wear my watch on my right wrist.

I'm having a good day, so I won't tag anyone. But feel free to do it, if you want to. Oh! And let me know, so I can peep on your facts ;]

Who decided to do it: lucky-3

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It's been a while since my last journal entry.

The thing is I don't like journals that much, but today I had an awful day and just to fool around a bit and not to think about what makes me want to set things on fire, I thought: Hey, let's submit new deviations and why not a journal entry. (Damn, that sentence was long!)

I won't get you all bored with bad news, just let you know that weeks ago I received in the mail the Polaroid Amigo I won in a contest made by PukeChrist and I'd like to thank him in public :aww:
You can see the camera here (do it because is so cute) Polaroid-Amigo and the collage here Wiring Collage

Oh, I have a Flickr! now! If you have an account, add me to check yours.

I think that's all, What about you? What you been up to? :flowerpot:


Im tired of the journal thing.

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  • Reading: the dictionary
  • Drinking: orange juice

the-dowager has tagged me, so here it goes:

Rules: The 1st player of this "game" starts with the topic "6 Weird Habits/Things About Yourself" and people who get tagged need to write a journal about their 6 Weird Habits/Things as well as state this rule clearly. In the end, you need to choose the next 6 people to be agged and list their names. Don't forget to leave a comment that says "You are tagged" in their devPage comments and tell them to read yours...

1) Although I don't smoke, I carry a lighter in my handbag.
2) I love lettuce and tomatoes, but I can't eat them together in a salad.
3) I never drink coke with ice. NEVER. I mean: coke and water? I hate it.
4) I tend to correct any spelling, grammar, semantic mistake I see (in Spanish) and I beat myself black and blue every time I make one. Of course, that never happens. Kidding.
5) I never answer my cellphone the first time it rings and it's always in silent/vibrator mode.
6) I don't wear shoes, but I'm obsessed with red ones. I want them ALL!

Yeah, I'm fucked up.
So, as we are in New year's eve... and I love this holiday as much as getting drunk (!), I won't tag anyone, but I'll let you (yes, you!) do it if you want.

...and a happy new yeaaaaaaar :music:

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  • Reading: geology stuff
  • Drinking: fanta

I want an ice cream and holidays. But more, an ice cream.

What's you favourite ice cream flavour?

  • Listening to: The Dickies | nobody but me


I'm such in a bad mood. I'm not sure if I'm pissed off or if I'm about to break into tears.

However, I'm completely sure I wanna set something on fire.

Any suggestions? :flame:



Today at 8 PM, I'm having a very, very, very, very difficult exam.
Wish me luck! (:

:bulletpurple: Ok, so I have a few days til I get back to college and I should be enjoying these days, but I'm not. Defineily, IM NOT. I'm so bored, cause people are already "doing stuff" and I actually, should be studying for college, but I don't want to :P So, I'm here... doing nothing and that sucks so bad.
I just wanted to say it, lol

:bulletpurple: Mmm, I bought a lil French book on psychology for kids or something. Its really nice and old and its yellowed-paged sheets are awesome. I will use it for collages, but it's so nice I don't think I can tear it up. Oh! And my boyfriend :heart: gave me an old English book on Grammar with drawings and very pretty old shit, and as I have tons of English books, I wil tear it up and down, lol
Although, I'm not good at collages :/

:bulletpurple: I read "Las piadosas" a book by Federico Andahazi, you should read it, and right now "La ciudad de los herejes". It's excellent. I ralized I dont have a bookmark, so maybe I'll do one.

I wrote a lot, damn! So, nice people that will go to heaven:
Forget it, I'm not doing this. But I will... someday :)

:heart: :skull:

Oh, and I hate the new layout. Everything is SO BIG, it makes me wanna puke :D
I don't know why I wrote in English instead of writing in Spanish :confused:  
I like:

# Cold weather :snowing:
# Matecocido
# This emoticon :ambulance:
# This drawing> that heinekenbiznich made of one of my deviations!

I dislike:

# Shitty people :shithappens:
# My English teacher
# (it) when I get angry with no reason
# Easter and every silly comercial and consumist holiday :thumbsdown:
# My old jounal entry xP


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Thu May 26, 2005, 8:39 PM
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:star: The early november Ever so sweet


Ever so sweet...
you make this seem
the way things go
its not my fault
and i'll miss
i'll miss you so good
through all of those nights
we lost our way back home

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Never fell in love
until i fell in love with you
Never know what a good time was until i had a good time with you
If you wanna get the feeling and you wanna get it right
Then the music gotta be loud
for when the music hit i feel no pain at all

Warm summer night i was drinking with my dad
He tried to give me the love that i never had
But he gave more love to his bottle of wine
So i had to go out and find love of another kind

Here it is
Here i am
Turn it up
f**kin' loud

Radio, Radio, Radio...

When i got the music
i got a place to go

Radio clash
magnificent 7
I was a choir boy
you showed me no heaven
Two tools surley lost
no remorse ignoring the cost

Here it is
Here i am
Turn it up
f**kin' loud

Radio, Radio, Radio...

When i got the music
i got a place to go

Now I can submit a few pictures....finally! :lol:

Anyway, my pc is still not working... :no: but that will soon be fix! (at least I hope so...)

Hope you like the new pics, which are a little bit old (i dont like them so much now...hehe). Im workin in new ones!

Strawberry kisses :kiss:
Too bad, my pc is not working as it should...damn! and I cannot sumbit any of the pcitures i've been working on!!! grrrrrr... soon i'll try to upload something (dont hate me)

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